Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"The thing about baseball is that tomorrow is another day and today has nothing to do with tomorrow."

Thus spake Chavesthustra after yesterday's brilliant performance.

Let's find out out more about Sr. Chaves, shall we?
First off, he was born in Brazil, but lives on Canada. He loves computers and is certified in Sun. He's interested in something called MDA (not to be confused with MDMA, folks) and is "also interested in object-orientation, distributed computing, and software engineering and architecture in general."

Oh, wait, wrong Rafael Chaves.

This Rafael Chaves is from Puerto Rico. He's married. Played minor league ball. Was pitching coach for the Tacoma farm team. Looks kind of like he has an upset tummy in this picture. Uh, anything else?

2X2L calling CQ... 2X2L calling CQ... 2X2L calling CQ... New York. Isn't there anyone on the air? Isn't there anyone on the air? Isn't there anyone... 2X2L...

All contributions to our Chaves Wiki Biography are more than welcome.

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