Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rags exclusive!

Here at the Rag, we have access to things that the little people do not. We are told things that you are not. We get advanced readers proofs of things you do not. We feel we have earned this privilege. Today a source whose name shall not be uttered until our source himself* scoops us on the big reveal in Vanity Fair and ends up costing us a lot of cash leaked us this amazing video footage of what is allegedly Twinkie and Wankee great Chuck Knoblauch's son, acting out, singlehandedly, all three roles in one of the great Monty Python scenes of all time. It's impressive on a lot of levels, but particularly in opening our mind to what an open mind two buck Chuck apparently has.

*or herself


Chi-Wei Hu said...

We could reenact this ourselves at Dahl Field tonight. Who's game?

Chris said...

Wake me when he re-enacts the Waldorf Salad episode, INCLUDING Polly.