Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"If you want to call it a gyro, call it a gyro"

".... but I see it as a cut fastball," (Kenji) Johjima said. "I think a lot of pitchers throw that pitch."
We'll call it a gyro. But what's more interesting to us here is this little nugget from Larry Stone's always insightful coverage of this ever-changing game:
Asked what Felix's version of the gyro was, Johjima replied in English, "I call it a slider."
Kenji Johjima has been in the big leagues for just over a year. Ichiro Suzuki has been doing that Arizona to Seattle to AL West Cellar slide for seven years now. So how in the hell is it that Ichi still hasn't gotten enough of a grip of English to speak to reporters without a translator? This is the same Ichiro who has a game show in Japan where he's supposed to be some kind of Zen godchild genius. Yet he can't master baseball-ese?


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Carlester said...

Gyros are delicious. Any of you ever tried the gyros at the Gyro-cery on University Way in Seattle? After a long day at the Kingdome, I would drive over there in my Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham and get me three of them suckers.